Thursday, 9 August 2012

Art in my mailbox

Let's face it - for us fans of handwritten mail, the biggest problem is usually not finding someone to write to, but getting someone to write back. Even though most people greatly appreciate a handwritten letter, they often - for various reasons - won't write back. That's why I'm a big fan of postcrossing, a project that enables people to write postcards to folks all over the world and - for each sent postcard - to receive one in return. Here are a few art cards I have found in my mailbox since joining the project:
Postcards from: the US, the Czech Republic, Poland and China


  1. dear anke,

    i've been looking for something like postcrossing for such a long time now - thanks for posting about it! just recently stumbled upon your blog and will definitely drop by every once in a while :)

    all best from germany,

    1. Hi Julia,
      Thanks for stopping by! Postcrossing is so much fun - it can get quite addictive actually. Hope you'll receive lots of colourful cards from all over the world soon!


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