Monday, 16 July 2012

A very rainy holiday

I just returned from a week's holiday at my boyfriends'. It was a little disappointing as it rained all day every day and we couldn't do much of the walking and barbecuing we'd initially planned. Ben and I aren't the kind of people who can just just hang out inside for days on end, so we spontaneously spent a day in London and visited Churchill's War Rooms. It's an attraction I'd wanted to see for a while and it was really interesting to see the underground space from which Churchill coordinated England's Second World War operations. We also saw The TenFiveSixty and The Stowaways perform at The Boileroom, a great venue in Guildford that showcases up and coming bands.
Despite the weather, it ended up being a nice break. We even managed to finally watch The Matrix (neither of us had seen it before) and the lovely film 'The kids are alright'.

It's the middle of July now and it has been raining in England for the past six weeks. It couldn't be more depressing - it was 16°C today!
How are you guys spending your summer? I hope it's nicer wherever you are!

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